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The situation of the relationship

Delhi escorts consistently exercises poor judgment and lack of assertiveness, leaving her vulnerable to the extent of every other love partner treating her doormat. Delhi call girls Knowing the dire situation of the Delhi call girls relationship, she questions why, but never make an effort to reevaluate what exactly men that do not know each other, Delhi escorts let alone compare notes, Call girls in Delhi see about her that invite using her to their respective advantage.

Extreme jealousy

call girls whatsapp number By her behavior and attitude, she unsuspectingly allows him or others to act on her behalf by supposedly expressing what she truly thinks and feels but unwilling to speak out; Call girls in delhi by placating her self-worth, she inadvertently transfers power to him, giving him authority to speak for both of them. She is quite aware that his extreme jealousy could lead to violence, but remains convinced she could manage his behavior; after all, he loves her, she tells herself. Because of a sense of love emanating from him, albeit false, she remains in an unconscious state of denial about her ominous situation, despite friends and relatives support and advice to reevaluate and drop the loser.


Because she lacks self-worth though denies it, she has a habit of always finding excuses for why she cannot stand up for herself against physical and mental abuse by him. In addition, she chooses not to walk away owing to responding to threats from him that if she did, bad thing will happen to her. What she does not realize, much less understand is, such a threat is code for his fear of what could happen to him if she left. The principal message from any guy posing threats against a woman in such a fashion is, "I am scared and dependent on you"; if you walk away I will fall apart. Only smart women have the ability to discern a controlling man's weaknesses, based on warnings and threats. Seemingly, women have not come to grip with the common cord that runs through every scared, dependent, yet controlling man. Generally, they are lazy and would never dream of walking away to be by themselves. The second reason for staying put, even though he makes her look like crap is, he is never sure if the next woman would put up with his laziness as his current partner does. Habits are hard to break; thus, a guy that is used to control women would be hard pressed to adjust to another woman capable of standing up to him. Essentially, because he is so dependent on women supporting him, he has no clue how living alone would affect his survival.


You give him a free pass to continue mistreating you when you surrender your values by signaling you are needy, vulnerable and might become lonely if he leaves you. It might not be in his active makeup to dream of leaving, knowing he is too lazy to be on his own. Yet he will play up his readiness to move on, having sized you up enough to know you are supposedly weak.

Scared and guilty

As a female, another reason why you find excuses in his favor is that as much as he mistreats you, you are the one feeling scared and guilty that if you walked away something might happen to him. In essence, you are scared for him. Hmm! A classic case of lacking self-introspection is when you, the victim of abuse allows pity for the criminal-the abuser to cloud your judgment about making the ultimate decision to walk. Is that pretentious smile you often wear around family, friends, and co-workers a mere shield, covering the hurt feelings you endure daily because of your partner's behavior and attitude toward you? Hurt feelings or not, dependently controlling men maintain one trick that pulls vulnerable women in ways that neutralize momentary anger. Good old sex with a twist of "baby I love you." Women like to hear, if not having a man hug them and say I love you. Unlike men, whose endgame must include penetration, making love for many women could mean a mere hug, kiss and cuddling.